Prove Them Wrong

Known by the stage name “DcQIlias Bey has been actively self-motivated and self-reliant for most of his life. At the young age of 17, he began a serious career in music with a Hip Hop group called
Urban Thermo Dynamics” or as many known them to just be “UTD”. After a successful run in the underground music scene with “UTD”, he went on to form another group called “Medina Green”. As an independent artist, he has toured the world as an opening act and performed on stage with headlining Hip Hop acts such as "YZ" “De la Soul”, “blackstar”, “Talib Kweli”, and "Yasiin Bey" formally known as “Mos Def” while being exposed to different cultures using his gift and talent for music. One of many reasons his love for underground Hip-Hop was so paramount in his developmental stages is because it has rendered him with the resources to be independent and educated on multitasking within a diverse industry; besides also being a breath of fresh air from mainstream media.
dcq Jorden Tee

Personal Interests

Business [ Internet Marketing Business & Sales • Brand Development, Execution & Public Speaking]