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Living in this world as little boy with a disability can just about suck the life out of you. The permanent mental scarring from public ridicule is something that can build you or break you but the decision has to be yours to display a tower of strength and courage to show the world that although this happened I am still standing and I am more than a conqueror. Remember when we were little some grown ups taught us “ Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me”…Who came up with that dumb ass shit? A word will harm you, hell faster than a stick will break a bone. Think about it one word can plant a seed and one sentence can cause an individual to comment suicide. As a child with a disability that you were not born with there is an adaptive phase that is one of the most difficult things that one would have to go through , but as a man think-eth so shall he be, I choose to be a lion in this kingdom and win at this game called life,  

Let Me Tell You A Story. Dudes from Brooklyn are born most times with swag dripping off of them, one would think. They have a unique way about them, the walk, the way they talk, the way they rock their timbs, all that. “Is Brooklyn in the house” makes a party go wild every time, wherever you go , once people know that you are from Brooklyn everyone wants to be down with you because they think you are so cool. Some of the hottest Rappers have come out of Brooklyn , so there was a chance that you were born into the lifestyle of the rich and famous, sat next to a sibling of someone you thought rocked the mic right, or drove a lex Coup, Beamer or a Benz. These are some of the things that Brooklynites know very well, either from coming out of a poor family and vowing that is not going to be your life or just wanting to imitate someone that you saw on a video. Honestly back in the days there were only two ways to get money, you either sold drugs or got a record deal. 

known by the stage names [DcQ] Ilias Bey has been actively self-motivated and self-reliant for most of his life. At the young age of 17, he began a serious career in music with a Hip Hop group called “Urban Thermo Dynamics” or as many known them to just be “UTD”. After a successful run in the underground music scene with “UTD”, he went on to form another group called “Medina Green”. As an independent artist, he has toured the world as an opening act and performed on stage with headlining Hip Hop acts such as  “de la Soul”,  “Talib Kweli”, and “mos def” while being exposed to different cultures using his gift and talent for music. One of many reasons his love for underground Hip-Hop was so paramount in his developmental stages is because it has rendered him with the resources to be independent and educated on multitasking within a diverse industry; besides also being a breath of fresh air from mainstream media.




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